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    At the Country Rugby League (CRL) we’re very proud of our game and the impact it has on players, fans, communities and all involved. We use the power...

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    Dubbo CYMS Primed for back-to-back Challenge Cup Glory

    Photo courtesy of Amy McIntyre / Daily Liberal? Dubbo CYMS are unbeaten at the top of the Group 11 ladder and will be ready to take on the...

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    Young Makes Tayla’s Day

    Following the Women’s National Championships last week, CRL received some positive feedback. Tayla typed a letter to Bec Young after?she left a lasting impression. Read it below:  

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Live Stream: Women’s National Championships

NSW Country will be chasing back-to-back titles at the 2019 Harvey Norman Women’s National Championships in Burleigh from May 30 with...

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CRL Partnering with Finish With The Right Stuff

Country Rugby League is teaming up with NSW Health to encourage junior players to add healthy snacks to their post-match routines....

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